Gradual waning of the language Tamil

Tamil one of the oldest languages since the formation of earth.Research’s discovered that the origin of languages telugu,malayalam,kannada,sinhalam even latin was Tamil. The mother of all languages is now slowly vanishing from its origin place itself. Tamil, the language which is very easy to learn is now considered to be language which is useless.People now in TamilNadu and in its major city Chennai wants to learn other languages but not Tamil.They make their children’s to learn Hindi,English and now Japanese as a latest trend.The sad thing is that those children would not know a word in tamil.Many people think that speaking in English will make their appearance as rich and royal in persona.But they have to understand that those children’s will definitely lack in interaction with other children’s and that will lead to depression state of mind.The main reason for the waning of the language tamil is the increasing IT and ITes firms in TamilNadu.The basic requirement for them is good communication skills. But there is some real good reason behind this requirement.The reason is all the live projects being involved in the companies are from Europe and America.So,it is mandatory to know English.But the English language should always be a secondary one and not the primary one.Thirukural wrote by a great saint Thiruvalluvar in Tamil is the best literature and it explains completely “What is Life”. We have lots of book here in tamil and why should we go with other language books.Are we just thinking that Tamil is worthless?..As I said before,now in Tamil Nadu a person who knows Tamil very well speaks in English with the other person who also knows Tamil.English is just for communication between persons of different languages.We took this in a wrong way and made English as the primary one.Everyone should understand that Tamil made us to grow.Try to change the trend of calling Mummy and Daddy.Tamil feeling lives in the heart of every true tamilan.The most saddening thing is that,in convents even during Tamil Hours childrens are asked to speak only in English with the teachers or else fine will be levied on them…I dont know where TamilNadu is heading towards.Are we going to change the name as English Nadu or Hindi Nadu..I m posting this because this is my 100th post.So i want to express my view on Tamil..

Tamil lives till the last Lover of tamil falls..


2 thoughts on “Gradual waning of the language Tamil”

  1. dear Tamil

    I dont know what to say that about ur feeling of Tamil . I m a Bangalorean and pure lover of Tamil . what i was feeling my Tamil is that tamil getting explosion in other places except the earth of Tamil(TN) but now i understode that ther also same probleme

    dear tamil

    there only some people who are going to unlearn tamil because the english is attracting them too much and it gives them money as they feels like that .

    for that we need to develope ur Tamil and make it as language of world not only for TN . then evrything will come to be in Tamil . dont think that we cant . we can do it and Tamil itself can become a world language it has own value so don’t feel bad about tamilans

    my murugagan will bless uuuuuuuuu a lot to develope tamil as well as to show u to the world as pure tamilan

    bayyyyyyyyyy seeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuu

  2. if u are much interested in tamil means u would have written this post in tamil dude . . after 12th standard we are not in touch with writing tamil . . Now im getting many mistake while writing it . . . Its human nature to forget the unused one . .

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