Satyam Freshers Programme delayed!!!!

SInce the downfall in US markets,the IT firms in India have announced that,this year’s hiring could be reduced compared to the previous year recruitment.Due to the continous tumbling in US markets, many IT firms have laid off their staffs and many more kept under scanner.Many have also advised to attend counselling sessions.The fired staff’s are all experienced people and they have removed due to their under performance.Besides all these TCS and Satyam have proclaimed that the promotions of their employees will be put on hold.Eventhough scanning process for promotions have been finished,the next step has been halted.This decision by these two corporates will make their employees leaving in state of despair. Promotion is the way of encouraging the employees who show their commitment to work.Because of this decision to “put on hold the promotion” will definitely make a strong impact in the company’s work progress. Moreover Satyam has announced that, there may be some delay in the fresher programme and they are seriously considering about their training schedule.In L&T infotech already the training programme for the first batch has been postponed without mentioning the date.This created chaos among the students who got placed in L&T infotech through Campus Placements..Lets hope the best, that US markets will be rescued soon.


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