Hithendran-The victory for humanity


Still lives
Still lives

The person standing to the extreme rightin the picture  is none other than Hithendran along with his family members.He is 16 yr old ,son of Ashokans and both of them are doctors.On 23rd of september Hithendran would have never thought that it could be his last day of his life.It seems that he took his dad’s vehicle and went to his friends house.While he was returning from there, he was hit by a  goods vehicle and had a big blow on his head. He was rushed to hospital and later it has been informed to his parents that their son’s brain is dead and cannot do anymore.Since both of them were doctors, they understood the condition of their son and informed to the hospital officials that they want to donate their son’s organs.In the mean time a 9 yr girl was in  critical situation and she has to undergo an immediate heart transplant surgery and she was on the edge of her life. So it has been decided that Hitendran’s heart to be transplanted to that 9 yr girl.But the problem was in the transportation of the heart from the hospital after the operation.So there came a request from the Dr.Cherian’s heart Foundation to the Commisioner of Police Mr.R.Sekar to clear the traffic.So with the help of the Joint Commissioner Mr.Sunil Kumar the  plan was made.The heart has to be transporated from Apollo Hospitals,Teynampet to Forntier Hospitals at mogappair.This should be done as soon as possible.So It has been ordered that,all traffic signals in that route should turn green.Immediately after the operation of heart, it was palced  in an Ice container.The doctor with that box just went on inside the police vehicle  instead of an Ambulance.Understanding the situation the police constable who was the driver of that patrol vehicle , started it and went on with a flying start.He drove the car at a maximum speed of 120 km/hr and went on to reach the hospital within 11 mins ,taking the maximum risk.Meanwhile the traffic police did a pretty good job by clearing the traffic and made the signals to turn green.When asked to the Police Constable who drove the car”It was maximum speed with car since i started driving.I dont know how i drove it in such a great speed”said with fully satisfied voice since he saved a life.The heart was transplanted to the the 9 yr old girl and the operation took place for nearly 6 hrs and was successfully done.The girl is under scanner and she is in recovery room.The girl should be very thankful to hithendran for his heart,to Ashokans,to doctors and importantly to the traffic police.Finally the father of Hithendran said that the meaning for the name Hithendran is The lover of Heart..A sad demise day ended with a victory for humanity. Every negative thing can be made into a positive , if everything is focused with broad mind.


18 thoughts on “Hithendran-The victory for humanity”

  1. hello..
    frnds..cute baby is my tution ,mate..wem i’m doin my 10 th std..i got shocked wen i heard the news .i’m praying god to make his soul peace.a deep condelence to my junior mate family.god survives al wen it is good or bad.i mis u my dear chota frnd.

  2. I am a class mate of Dr. Ashokan. Dr. Ashokan is one of the most helpful human being I have so far met in my life. Even in this tragic time, the goodness of Ashokan and his concept of life prevails. I am deeply sorry for the demise, yet greatly honored to know the Ashokans.

  3. Its great being like Dr.Ashokan .He is being human and more than tat.Tears in my eyes. No words to tell for this tragic end and greatness of Dr.Ashokan

  4. Hello everybody,

    Thank you very much.

    I am his chitty, we all in the family miss him a lot but at the same time he is made all of us proud.

    We all wish god to make his soul peace.

  5. Really i can’t imagine the status of his parents . . great hand off to there parents . . . Every human being in this world should donate there body parts after death . . . Great post dude . . . Hope u ll cont this . . Thank you

    with regards

  6. While I definitely appriciate the broad mind of Asokans, let me definitely point out even highly educated people like them allow their kids to play with vehicles at little age 16!!!. Hd there been a control on the son there would be no talk like this. The whole world may look at me as a sadist. But thif is fact.

    Are we not learning a big lesson now. Who can control such drivings. Is it not the responsblity of parents? I see students at high school levels riding two wheelers of 150 – 180 CC to their schools.

    Shall we take a oth now?. We can not afford to see any more Hithendran loosing life at budding age.

  7. Its an appreciable thing….We the ppl are not used to do this…. His parents have taught us a lesson…….His heart gives the life to some other child………….Humanity lives in the form of these peoples………..A real salute for them………..

  8. hithendra ,a single person was born to give life for six
    other people.
    who said this small bud had died?????
    it gives blossom even today from six more flowers……
    we love you hithendra…….

  9. Still, I couldn’t believe – even at that stage, parents have thought of doing good to the society – they have touched the heights of humanity – A royal salute on behald of all the human beings in the world. Words cannot say thanks to you. Only tears.

  10. Dear everyone, I am hithendran’s father and I thankyou all for your words of comfort. We miss our son, fifteen years of happiness just vanished and we are very depressed but at the same time it is comforting to us that four people have got new lease of life and two people have got back their vision to see this world………….. Multiorgan donation is possible after brain death and make this possible by signing organ donation form and get a organ donation card. ashokan

  11. Hats off Doctor family.
    May His soul rest in piece.
    Seen your interview in Mega TV, Great. with Tears.

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