Problems faced with Google Chrome

Google Chrome, the newly launched web browser which is said to compete with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has some countable problems in it . Many would have downloaded it and may even using that as their default browser.Even my default browser is Google chrome.It has many features overcoming Microsoft’s Internet explorer.But when people want to use any product,their first question will be , “is there any problem faced with that product”.So it happened to Google Chrome also . No software is made to perfection.The problems I faced with google chrome were,

( i )  There is some complication in adding plugins to the browser.                                                                            When i wanted to install alexa ranking plugin in my chrome browser, i found real difficulty in that and i failed to do so.

( ii ) Some sites contain flash windows in it.When I was making a registration through online ,  i was supposed to get a flash window in my next step.But i never got it.I tried thrice, but it failed to do so in google chrome . The same thing i did in Mozilla Firefox,and i got the window what i was expecting.This made me to feel bad about Google chrome.

( iii ) A new feature called incognito window which is a separate window for google search.Though this new feature is an attractive one, this might irritate you on some way. When you search for something in this window through giving some keywords you will get the results window.But these keywords will not be stored in cache and it will be cleared as soon as you close this window.So for the next time when you search on, you will not find any such keywords on the list.

Besides all these drawbacks,Google Chrome is really an effective browser when considered with security.Especially with Gmail accounts, you cannot give a specification to remember your password and if you do so, each and everytime you login you will be asked for the Login Id and Password regularly, which is really an attractive one for  Gmail account users.

Thanks for reading this post with patience.


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