World’s Largest Atom Smasher halted.

The fact  behind the evolution of universe is still a  big question to everyone around the world.There were many theories saying that the formation of universe is all because of the large colllision between the protons.But no practical tests were made to prove this, since any fault in this may lead to big disaster to earth.Over two decades of research on this and the 10 billion dollar project was set to ready on September 10 at Geneva.The Large Hardron Collider was turned on the same day and the process started.Though there were many qualms on this research that, the research may lead to  the formation of black hole , if it  is a failure one.But it has been cleared by the scientists that there will not be any harm to earth because of this project.So from september 10 the LHC was turned on , Suddenly now due to some technical reasons,the whole operation is halted.The reson behind this is the fault connection between the two magnets and it stopped super conducting, melted and led to a mechanical failure and let out the helium out.This problem is worse than initially thought by the scientists.The repairing process of this is a large one and it may take several months to resume,according to scientists. A number of magnets has to be raised their temperature by 100 degrees and the whole sector should be warmed up.Mr.Gillies the head of this project said that “When they happen in our other accelerators,its a matter of couple of days to fix them..But because this is a superconducting machine and you have got long warm up and cooldown periods,it means we are going to be off for couple of months”he said. Since there are several process to repair, the resumption of the LHC will take a longer time.Lets hope the best to happen, and  a very all the best to the scientists who are all involved in this project.


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