Terrorists strike at US Embassy in Yemen

This week might be a vey bad one for the United States.On one hand US Economy slows down and on the other hand terrorists strike US Embassy at Yemen,Sanna today(17.09.08).Attackers exploded a bombed vehicle which was parked outside the US embassy.It seems to be a well coordinated attack and there was many explosions and heavy gunfire around the Embassy.It has been officially announced that 16 people were found to be dead including six Yemen soldiers ,four civilians and six attackers.Among the four civilians one is an Indian women came for a business to US Embassy.No American casaulities were found.Yet now no one claimed responsibility for this attack.Yemen is an anchestral home of Osama Bin Laden.Al Qaeda has made a steady presence at Yemen after the Iraq war.US Embassy at Yemen is subjected to be the target and underwent many attacks.The Yemen Officials are investigating about the explosion of bomb in the vehicle, and informed that the detailed reports to be submitted soon.

World needs to be green and not red !!!!


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