track the dead

We all would like to give tribute to the death of our beloved ones .But we might forget to do so or we do not have time to pay obituary.But now we cannot say these reasons ,since there has been  introduced  a new website called “”, for  the  death ones.This site for those who are looking to memorialise about their friends and family .In this website we can post obituaries to  deceased ones.There is also some 84 million  names of the dead ones belonging to  America , from the year 1890’s to now in the database.So we can also search for the names of the deceased.This site is very useful for us to pay tribute to the departed ones.The obituaries with 300 words are completely free and if we want to give more than 300 words and along with multimedia effect it costs 8$ to 300$ annually. Since today’s world is hasty one,we don’t have much time to spend, on paying tribute to demised ones. This will be the best way to honor our beloved ones.This sit came as a competitive to another website called””.Amidst many social networking groups this is good to hear that there is a website to pay tribute to the deceased.Never forget the people who were so close to you and no more now. 


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