About Gopi-My cousin at Poland

Please dont read this post… u ll waste ur time


The guy in the photo wearing jerkin is Gopi, my cousin.Right now he is at Poland.The process he underwent to get visa from Poland embassy is really a tough one.He is from Chennai, and there is no Poland embassy at chennai.So he has to go Mumbai to get his visa.He has to get visa for 3 months.According to his invitation letter he is going to Poland for some technical discussions.The interviewer raised some questions about his journey.The question was “why does he need 3 months for technical discussions”,the answer from him was”I want to discuss about technical issues related to paint shop”.His visa was immediately rejected, and was asked to bring his head of the department.So again both went and attended the interview.This time somehow he got the visa for 45 days and flewed away to Poland with grand send off at airport.Actually he went there for training and he enjoys a lot.He got friendship with that lady in picture.So the training starts as well as his mischief.He s there at poland for training but never does any preparation for that.Always chats with me and with that lady.The Ultimate thing is that the lady has three children.Experience speaks a lot..


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