End of Singur Impasse-Tata Nano resumes

The deadlock for theTata Nano project have finally been solved on sunday,following the two rounds of discussions between West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee.During the two rounds there was some anxiety over the outcome of fresh demands made by Ms.Banerjee.
Trinamool Congress demanded for return back of the lands acquired from the unwilling farmers and for the suspension ofconstruction at the vendors park .They also mentioned that the suspension should be made until the committee is formed which will ascertain the scope and set the modalities to compensate.West Bengal Governor Gopalkrishna Gnadhi who presided over the talks,announced the decision.The Chief Minister and Ms.Banerjee were present. During the first round of talk nothing was decided and the Chief Minister was not ready to accept the demands made by the Oppostion Leader.From there late in the evening with the efforts taken by the Governor both the leaders came for the second round of talk and finally there came the solution.The Chief Minister agreed to form a committee and and assured that there will be made an rehabilitation centre for land losers.He also added that effective steps will be taken to reconsider the land acquirement.So finally the stalemate for singur came to an end after the assurance given by the Chief Minister of West Bengal.


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