Obama On Pakistan-Preparing for war against India.

Washington: Accusing Pakistan of misusing the massive American aid to fight the war on terror, Democratic nominee for the US Presidential election Barack Obama, in a sensational comment, has said Islamabad was using these funds for “preparing for a war against India”.

Senator Obama vowed to hold Islamabad accountable for the massive military aid it has received from Washington if he is elected to the White House. He said his administration will increase pressure on the Pakistan to come to terms with terrorist safe havens along its northern border with Afghanistan.

“What we can do is stay focused on Afghanistan and put more pressure on the Pakistanis,” Senator Obama said in an interview with Fox News.

He noted that the US was providing Pakistan military aid “without having enough strings attached”.

“So they’re (Pakistan) using the military aid…Pakistan…they’re preparing for a war against India,” Senator Obama said.

Maintaining that he will follow the al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to the “gates of hell”, the Democratic nominee said that this could be accomplished without resorting to sending ground troops to Pakistan.

However, he said his future administration is not going to pullout from the war on terror and allow the fundamentalists to take over Pakistan.

“What we say is, look, we’re going to provide them with additional military support, targeted at terrorists, and we’re going to help build their democracy. We’ve wasted USD 10 billion with Musharraf without holding them accountable for knocking out those safe havens,” Senator Obama said.

He stressed that “nobody talked about some full-blown invasion of Pakistan”, but “we’ve got to put more pressure on Pakistan to do what they need to do”.

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One thought on “Obama On Pakistan-Preparing for war against India.”

  1. Senator Obama should be careful about making sensational statements of this type. Coming from a US presidential nominee, this assertion needs to be treated with the utmost credibility.

    Should India prepare to defend its borders?

    I think that most of us would agree that things are not that bad.

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