TATA Plans to Relocate the NANO Project-Pulls out from Singur

Tata was on going with his dream project NANO at Singur West Bengal.From the start of the project there was a complete agitation to stop the project since there was some land dispte among the farmers in the Singur and the government of West Bengal.This agitation was provoked by the President  of Trinamool Congress Mamta Banerjee.Now the project is about to complete and now the safety of the employers belonging to TATA becomes the questionmark.The site has been protected completely as if Prime Minister of India going to make a visit in there.Now Tata has pulled out its Employers and made them safe.Tata’s ultimate thing is to make his employees to be in safe and he doesnt want his company to be runned under complete police security.The Indian being suppressed by an Indian.Now Tata have decided to relocate the Plant to someother place.It has been already informed that the Government of Orissa and Maharastra expressed their interest to Tata saying that they would provide everything what Tata wants.With t his assurity now Tata has decided to relocte its Plant from Singur to some other place in India.The dream of Tata was about to be shattered,but it could be fullfilled successfully.We the Indians really want this project to be successfully completed and the production should  start immediately.Now Its Tata’s time to decide which way to go.I’m sure they got their plans correctly.The West Bengal government has announced that TATA will never leave from singur.But the time has gone and its the time for change.The shameful thing is to be painted with a very good news that Tata Started its project in a new place.For more details click on here ..TATA


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