Singur says bye to TATA Nano Project-Tata Halts the proceedings

Bye Bye TATA,

TATA Halts the project
TATA Halts the project

Singur (WB), August 29:The shameful thing that occured in Singur.Tata was not able make is dream come true.With lots and lots of expectations about TATA Nano Car Project, everything seems to be curtailed soon.The continous agitation made by Trinamool Congress for mere publicity made the whole West Bengal to feel bad about it.An Indian is being denied by another Indian.This is why India is Still back at some 10 yrs when compared to European nations.West Bengal Government now came one step down to convince the Trinamool Congress.But mothing happened yet now.Now Tata have decided to wave off its hand to Nano Project at Singur.It may be a Success to Trinamool Congress,but complete ashame for India.

With work in the Tata Motors Nano car project coming to a halt on the sixth day Friday of the indefinite dharna by the Trinamool Congress, the party sought to wash its hands off the matter, saying it could not take responsibility for the actions of others.

“There are many organizations here. We cannot take responsibility for the actions of others,” party chief Mamata Banerjee said here Friday, referring to the Tata workers being stopped Thursday night from leaving the factory premises.

“We have not indulged in any of violence and will not do so. We will continue our movement peacefully,” she said.

Stating that her party was not anti-industry, she said that industry and agriculture could co-exist. On trucks being stranded on the Durgapur expressway, she claimed it was a “ploy” by the CPI(M) to derail her movement.

She dubbed the pileup of trucks as “an artificial blockade” and alleged that the police had taken money from truck drivers and allowed them onto the expressway.

“There are several diversions through which the trucks and the heavy vehicles can be diverted to Delhi Road and G.T. Road, but the police and administration are deliberately keeping the vehicles held up,” she said.

She said the expressway was new, and questioned how goods vehicles could run before it had come up.

“This is a ploy by the CPI (M) to destroy our movement,” she said.

Asked if there was a possibility of the movement being withdrawn, she replied in the negative.

“We have a one-point agenda that the 400 acres will have to be returned to unwilling farmers. Unless the government accepts our demand, we will continue our agitation, “she said.


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