Review about 120 GB hard drive from Trekstor-with cool features

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    This trekstor 120 GB data station is the next version of th external hard drive. This hard drive is of type 2.5′.Completley done with aluminum housing, so no damage can be done when exposed to external environment. Fully portable and can be connected with PC’s as well as Laptops.


    The transfering done between the datastation and PC will be in a reliable and secured manner.The speed of transfereing is really fast such that it has HI-speed USB 2.0.The USBs are downwards, compatible and are usaully found in all kinds of new computers.


    In this the storage capacity is jus 111 GB and remaining is used for cache purpose. When bought it will be in preformatted form and can be used readily. The stored files do not get corrupted unless it is been forced to do so.


    It is compatible with all kinds of PC’s and LAPTOPS. No need to install drivers unless the Operating system is Win 98.Along with the kit the driver CD will provided. The system requirements are as of normal to other data stations. can be operated in LINUX ,UNIX and MAC OS also. The System should have at least 2 free USB ports. It is also supported by Vista.


    The data station is connected with the PC through a USB cable, which will be provided along with it. The USB cable is in such a form that two USB Pins and one data station will be present. Because of this we have to connect both the USB Pin to the slots provided in the system. Any one cannot be used. Whenever u connect the Hard drive to the system a green light will be glowing, indicating that u r connected.


    The accessories provided are,

    1. USB Y-Connection cable

    2. Attractive carrying case

    3. Quick guide about trekstor

    4. Driver CD.


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