Airtel broadband-plan migration

Hi.This post is completely related to the stupid procedure followed by the Airtel network for the migration of boardband plan.If we want to change our Airtel broadband plan then we have to wait for  maximum of three days which really tests our patience.Even this is not a big issue but,the procedure for it really feels bad bout the Airtel network which is considered to be one of reputed organisations in India.I ‘m posting this because i got a experience of that.When i want to change my plan to unlimited usage i made a call to Airtel customer care.I told them about the subject and their reply was so stupid that i should  make an e-mail to their customer care service regarding this plan migration.If everything to be done through e-mail means then wat is the job for the customer support staffs.After that i made an e-mail and i got a auto response for my email.. After 3 hours i gotta mail from airtel customer care saying that “my request will addresed soon” and then it ll be notified to me. but even after three days none of the notice was given to me.then i myself made a call to customer care and confirmed my status..So even there are problems with private concerns.  so better go for BSNL..


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