Nuclear deal


What is nuclear deal?

Among developing countries, India is one of the fast growing nations, if truth be told it’s place is next to China. As nation grows it is palpable that even the energy burning up increases. In near future India might face this problem really in very bad manner. So what could be the elucidation for this quandary? The solution was found earlier itself; the thing is to put into practice .The solution is energy provided using nuclear reactors. So comes the deal.

Many would think what could be the reason for the left parties to block the motion of the deal and the hastening showed by the government.

Why does left oppose the motion of the deal?

Left opposes the deal because the only beneficiary of the deal is United States and not India. India will definitely lose its sovereignty because of this deal. America provides nuclear fuel for us at the rate of 7.5 billion crore.Now the dollar value is dropping down drastically. When we transfer this money completely to America the dollar value increases dropping down Indian rupee value. For every dollar India will lose 5 rupees, ultimately leading to high inflation. Next thing is the safeguard agreement mentioned on the deal. In the draft it has been mentioned that if there is any interlude in the supply of nuclear fuel, India has to take required steps to resolve the issue. Next one is, either if India uses nuclear weapon on any other nation or if it goes with any nuclear weapon programme then the supply might be blocked with effective.

Congress perception:

The nuclear deal between India and Us is mainly to meet the high demand of energy in India. In India the energy produced majorly in two ways. One is using coal and the other one is hydroelectric power. Both of these provide energy at the cost of global warming. But the energy produced via nuclear reactor does not involve in green house effect. Moreover in this nuclear deal with US we do have some benefits when compared to other nations deal. We can recycle the uranium what will be used and this is allowed only for India and not to any other nation. Because of this, the percentage of energy production increases at very less cost. China which is governed by communist party has went on with this deal with US. Why the people here with the same policy, opposing it. In fact China is the biggest rival of US and India too. Apart from this for India to achieve 8% growth in its economic, it needs it energy to be sufficient to meet the demand. Ultimately Nuclear deal is vital for Indian economic growth.

Questions raised:

What about safeguard agreement mentioned in the draft?

Nuclear weapon is the deadliest weapon the world ever known. India has already proved that, it is a nuclear weapon nation and there is no need to prove any one anymore. India is a democratic and very much diplomatic country and it will never use nuclear weapon on any nation at any cost.

Do we lose our sovereignty?

Definitely not. We are not bending down to US. But we are trading with US.

This is INC’s perception.

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